Water Transporter extension for ATV trailer

The Water Transporter extension is a special helper, used especially in orchards, gardens and everywhere where water is hard to get to. You can transport up to 1,000 liters of liquids in a special container (does not form a part of the delivery) mounted on the ATV trailer. As soon as you remove the Water Transporter extension, the Lumberjack undercarriage/trailer can be almost immediately used as a forwarder. The cart undercarriage can be “built up” and that is why you can, if you purchase the appropriate accessories, create the Water Transporter, Worker or Profi Worker trailer on it. You can essentially build any trailer behind quads, that we offer, from the JPJtrailers section (apart from Gardener and Profi Gardener).

Price excl. VAT 450,-€
Price incl. VAT by country
On request


Dimensions extension 1 660 x 400 x 1 450 mm
Dimensions for barrel 1 200 x 800 mm
Weight 60 kg
Weight capacity 1 000 kg

Suitable for combining with

atv trailer lamberjack

ATV trailer Lumberjack

Load capacity 1 000 kg
Weight 250 kg
Overall dimensions of the trailer (L x W x H) 300 x 120 x 134 cm
Price excl. VAT 1 083,-€

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